Vicky Pattison talks about fear of alcoholism in documentaries

Vicky Pattison talks about fear of alcoholism in documentaries

Vicky Pattison has said she was concerned she was “walking down the same path” as her father and becoming an alcoholic, which would result in her own children becoming “broken”.

tea George Shore Star, who was known for her excessive drinking, said while she didn’t want to emulate her father’s behavior, there were times in her life when she was “just like him.”

It comes ahead of the release of her new Channel 4 documentary, Vicky Pattison: My dad, alcohol and me.

Pattison, 34, said she hopes the film will “shed more light on alcoholism” and “fight the stigma that surrounds it.”

Speak with The Times Magazineshe said George Shore and how her “fellow performers” had gained a reputation for “glamorous” binge drinking.

Pattison said she feels “stomach sickness” watching clips from the Newcastle-based reality show and that she “didn’t like who it made me”.

“I believed I was my father’s daughter, so it was going to happen sooner or later and it didn’t matter when,” she said Times.

“A lot of people on the show were having a really good time and would get funny and goofy and then quit. That was never me. I don’t have an off switch and I’ve never been a nice drunk.”

Pattison added that she “don’t blame the show’s producers” but at age 22, she didn’t have the skills to “deal with being surrounded by so much alcohol.”

The reality star was arrested in 2013 after throwing a shoe at a bar, injuring a woman and a staff member. She was suspended George Shore after the incident.

Pattison later returned to the show for two more series, eventually quitting in 2014.

She told that Times She recalled being used “as a human walking stick” by her father, John, and that his drinking got worse as he got older.

“When you grow up with something, you just think it’s normal,” she said.

Vicky Pattison and her father John in the Channel 4 documentary

“I thought all houses were noisy. Dad used to fall often.

“The boys didn’t want to knock on my door because dad might be scary. I didn’t want to be like him. But sometimes I was just like him.

“The idea of ​​alcoholism being some kind of gene scared me and made me think I had no choice but to follow the same path. I saw that I had to take steps to change things.”

Pattinson says despite her doubts, she wants to be a mother and hopes her new documentary will give people a better understanding of the lives of alcoholics and their children.

“I didn’t get it and I kept getting angry — angry at my dad and angry at myself — because I saw myself destroying everything I was praying for and I couldn’t stop,” she said.

Regarding her earlier claim that she wasn’t going to have children, she said, “The real reason was because I had all my dad’s problems and problems and addictions and I was so scared that my kids would end up like me: broken.”

She now lives in north London with her fiancé, The only way is via Essex star Ercan Ramadan, and while she has a “complicated” relationship with alcohol, she’s adamant that she’s not an alcoholic herself.

“It’s a slippery descent from sociality to dependency to addiction,” she said.

“I’ve danced with it my whole adult life. But I am aware that I have the potential to turn into someone I don’t want to be and live a life that I don’t want to have.

“My father never wanted more than one drink. But I want things.”

Pattison teased the documentary on Instagram, describing it as a “pinch-me moment.”

“I made this documentary to shed more light on alcoholism and breakdown [sic] the stigma that surrounds it,” she said.

“I’ve never had a healthy relationship with alcohol myself – but I’m trying to get better, trying to stop my destructive patterns and hopefully have a life full of things I love and people who love me.

“Instead of the really dark alternative, I told myself to wait for me.” [sic]

Vicky Pattison: My dad, alcohol and me will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Tuesday 2 August at 10pm.

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