Corrie star Ben Price details Nick and Harvey's big turn

Corrie star Ben Price details Nick and Harvey’s big turn

Coronation Street spoilers to follow.

Coronation Street weaved crime boss Harvey Gaskell back into the story when Sam Blakeman contacted him about a prison visit.

Now a new twist in the story has been confirmed as Sam, Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby visit Harvey in prison, and it follows on from the couple’s plan to buy the bistro from Debbie Webster.

Nick actor Ben Price has explained what happens: “Harvey drops a piece of paper because he kind of knows Nick is having trouble buying the bistro and it’s basically bank details so he can borrow the money.

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“I think Nick naively imagines that firstly Harvey will never get out of prison and secondly he feels really bad about what happened to Sam and gives him the money.

“Half of Nick believes that, and the other half is just like, ‘Look, I need this, I need something for Sam, I’ll work it out later.’ I think he feels like there needs to be a legacy left for his child because he wasn’t.”

There’s another twist when Debbie offers Nick and Leanne a really good deal and he thinks he doesn’t need Harvey’s money at all until Debbie turns around and demands a huge fee for some blight.

“Suddenly [Nick] needs thousands and he’s just like, ‘Harvey’s in jail, what could go wrong?'” added Ben. “He’s definitely a bit naive about what these people think.


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“Since Nick is Nick, he’ll try to get away with it until it’s too painful and he has to say it [Leanne]. But he thinks he can get away with it easily. He also thinks he can easily repay it.

“It’s not that much money, Harvey won’t be able to force the situation out of jail and Leanne doesn’t need to know. It’s a legitimate business, after all, Sam and Simon will benefit from it. That’s how he justifies it to himself, even though outside in the cold daylight you say, ‘Yeah, that’s not smart’.”

The actor argued that his character is a good person overall, but there’s a combination of naivety and being like his father that keeps him from really being on the right track.

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